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Free audiobooks


If you're looking for free audiobooks, there are several options you should check out. The first choice is a website called Open Culture, which offers thousands of free recordings. These free audiobooks can be listened to on your computer or mobile device. You can also search for specific books, genres, or authors to find a specific title.


Another option is a community-run service that offers free audiobooks narrated by volunteers. These recordings may have variable sound quality and may contain difficult accents. However, LibriVox offers a large collection of free audiobooks. This project is also a pioneer in public domain recording of books and online uploading.


Free audiobooks can also be found on YouTube. You can search for specific titles, readers, and even entire YouTube channels for free audiobooks. LibriVox also maintains its own feed, which features modern authors reading their own work. It's free to browse and you can subscribe to their feed to get notified of new releases.


OverDrive is another good option for finding free audiobooks. The service offers over 300,000 free audiobook downloads, including bestsellers. You can borrow and return them like library books and can listen to them on your smartphone.

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